ShotGun MKII:
Shotgun MK-II All Composite Quickie 500

There has been talk of a low cost all composite Quickie 500. Here it is.
It is an AMA legal airframe that will come in four different colors. White, Yellow, Red and Orange. Extra multi colors painted in the mold are available for ease of customizing.

The ShotGun MK-II is the next generation of the ShotGun. The fuselage now has 6 ounce carbon fiber running from the landing gear and is sandwiched between the wooden firewall and the glass front end. The front end is stiff, very stiff for good power transfer. No more filling around the wooden firewall and the fuse sides. It is done for you. The nose has been shortened just a little to help get the C/G to the suggested point. and change the turning characteristics. It now comes stock with carbon landing gear that is reversible. Taper back for asphalt and taper forward for the grass fields.

The ShotGun MK-II has all the same great flying qualities, but you will find it faster now with these changes
All airplanes come with two piece wings for ease of shipping and transport. The longest dimension of your shipping box is the length of the fuselage. It makes a big difference in the cost or convenience of transporting your airplanes to events. If you choose to have a one piece wing, no problem. Just brush a coat of slow cure epoxy on the tube and slide it together. Make sure that it is straight and then you can tape or glass a strip down the center to make you feel better. The two piece wings are strong. They have been extensively tested and no failures. Bruce has even used them on the 60" long and thin FAI wings... Not a problem.

This Quickie is getting to be the measure of everything at the races. Get you order in NOW!


Shotgun MK-II Quickie 500 only $549.00

Extra trim color (3 colors) $25.00
Trim color on stab. $15.00
Numbers in any of the trim colors $15.00
Checker board in random designs $25.00  

If you have a combination that is different than this, tell us what you want and if we can do it, we will figure a price and do it for you. 

Shipping for one airplane to one location $65.00
Shipping on two airplanes to one location $90.00

Item Size Description  Price
GUN-W Q-500 - White All Composite Q-500 549.00 each
GUN-R Q-500 - Red All Composite Q-500 549.00 each
GUN-Y Q-500 - Yellow All Composite Q-500 549.00 each
GUN-O Q-500 - Orange All Composite Q-500 549.00 each
    Shipping   65.00 or 90.00 for two

Other items for your Shotgun

1/8"Carbon fiber PushRods
Dubro 4-40 threaded rods
Jett conforming mount (fits TT40 Pro)
Predator style engine mount (fits TT40 Pro)

Q500 spinner
Tettra Bladder Fuel Tank or Jett Bladder Tank
Racing wheels
Super Tanker
PowerSaver After-run oil
Racing Tape

Order the Shotgun

Darrol Cady
PO Box 14273
Portland, OR 97293 USA
Ph: 360-903-3520

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